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The Artist

Africa4Africa is a music artist that records and performs under the name Africa4Africa. Her artist name means it's time for Africans to standup for themselves by themselves and for themselves.Africa4Africa makes music in Alternative, Afrobeat, Hip Hop and R&B in the languages English, Igbo and Pidgeon-English.Her audience can expect to realize and appreciate the unity and harmony among the New Africans as they enjoy melodious vibes loaded with messages.

The Music

Africa4Africa is active as performing artist, music producer and writer of her own songs Hervoices aresoprano, alto, tenor, bass and treble. which she performs singing and rapping with instrumental tracks or a band.

Vision & Mission

Her vision is unite and work with African brothers and sisters and become successful together.Her mission is help Africans by discovering, nurturing and promoting African talents.

Motivations & Influences

Africa4Africa makes music to unite Africans (the dark-skinned and kinky-haired Africans) through vital messages embedded into LastMessengerS songs.She wishes everyone spirituality, wisdom, love, unity, harmony, riches, wealth and good health.

What motivates her to create her music imagination and change.She finds inspiration in society, people and behaviours.

Music & Life

Growing up her main musical influences came from R&B and Hip Hop.Africa4Africa is influenced by popular artists like Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dog.

Society & Success

The purpose of her work is to reach Africans with direct messages on the need and benefits of unity and love among Africans and she is convinced her music affects societal issues by triggering unity and love among Africans. A mixture of information and entertainment packaged and delivered melodiously, helps him to express the inexplicables, thoughts, imaginations, suggestions and solutions with the fans.

Africa4Africa defines success by uniting Africans, as music has proven to be a weapon for mass-restoration on their unique journey.She develops her skills by through thoughts, inspirations and imaginations and practices.


Profile Picture of Africa4Africa


A.K.A: Africa4Africa

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