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A.K.A: Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha

The Artist

Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha is a music artist that records and performs under the name ZehkEzehk. His artist name means a wordplay on his name because while in Holland, the Dutch people could not pronounce his name Ezekwesiri. So he shortened it to Ezehk. Some then called him Ezehk while others called him Zehk. In creating his artist name, he joined Zehk to Ezehk and came up with ZehkEzehk. Ezekwesiri means that “it fits him to be the king,” Enyinnaya means “he is his father's friend” and Obioha means, the heart of all.ZehkEzehk makes music in R&B, Afro-Pop, Hip Hop and Highlife in the languages English, Igbo, Dutch and Spanish.His audience can expect a performance of a story teller who uses various creativities to entertain. His audience will laugh, dance and sing-along with him. In most of his shows, tears of joy greet the audience while sweet memories follow and remain with them till his next stage performance.

The Music

ZehkEzehk is active as performing artist, writer and music producer of his own songs Hisvoice istreble. which he performs singing, rapping, beatboxing, spoken word and motivational speaker with instrumental tracks or a band.

Vision & Mission

His vision is see vital life-changing messages conveyed through music and people getting informed while they are being entertained.His mission is become great through his talents as well as help upcoming talents achieve greatness with strong encouragement.

Motivations & Influences

ZehkEzehk makes music because songs come to him as if prophecy, he receives songs as messages as well as receiving the beats and video-clip scripts. He only feels relieved when he delivers that message in the form of a song.He wishes everyone Success4All, that everyone gets equal opportunity to showcase their talents, achieve their goals and be happy in life.

What motivates him to create his music reach the whole world with eye-opening messages while making them happy.He finds inspiration nature, in his experiences, the stories of others and history.

Music & Life

Growing up his main musical influences came from within.ZehkEzehk is influenced by popular artists like Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder, Tina Turner.

Society & Success

The purpose of his work is to use his creativity in music that offers him the opportunity to independently express his inner-self, communicate his feelings and share his passion with others and he is convinced his music affects societal issues because music is said to be the opium of life, which can also be said about art in general. Music provides a unique opportunity to convey hard messages in a simplified way. Music and art helps people inner-stand life, feel happy and live long. Art helps him forget his sorrows, clear thoughts and meditate. His songs are written to heal our societies and the world in general.

ZehkEzehk defines success by although it is often said that the artist should not focus on money-making. He doesn't believe that, as well as he wants to convey his messages through music and reach a large audience, he also wants to make lots of money to defend the popularity that is associated with success. As one of the LastMessengerS, his songs convey messages of truth, hope, peace, unity, harmony and love. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) expert as well as a project developer, he has the ultimate career goal of establishing a Computer Assembly Plant and Solar Energy industry to help provide constant and affordable electricity for African homes. His ultimate career goal is to reach a very large audience with positive and correctional messages while earning the money needed to run his ICT and Solar Energy industries.He develops his skills by the motto of "practice makes perfect" and has the habit of singing his songs audibly and non-audibly. Creating beats in his mind and humming with his mouth surely keeps him busy. He also has this talent of being able to sing with every given topic or story. All these creative engagements have helped him to constantly develop his skills.


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A.K.A: Ezekwesiri Enyinnaya Obioha